All group companies within Soletanche Bachy take conscious and strenuous efforts to prevent environmental pollution when managing water, soil and waste in the various phases of our projects.

We develop our own tools and solutions to achieve our environmental goals.
We have developed PRISM, a cutting-edge tool for Life Cycle Analysis. This tool quantifies the environmental footprint of our projects from the bidding to execution stages, to identifying and propose viable solutions


We are investing in electric powerpacks for our Hydrofraise machines, after a very successful project in UK, where the current diesel powerpacks are exchanged for electric ones.

This change not only reduces diesel consumption saving energy but also reduces the emission of carbon dioxide. Besides this electric powerpack, the Group is also investing in engine cut out systems and modular generators for our worksites to further reduce our carbon footprint.



Construction Noise impact analysis
The Environmental Division of our sister company, SIXENSE, provides noise impact studies engaging a wide range of sensors for the measurement, analysis, communication and control of noise data. 3D acoustic modelling and analysis allow the design of viable solutions including the development of technical specifications and the tools necessary to manage noise on our projects.


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