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Committed to protecting the health and safety of everyone involved in, or affected by, our operations.
We strive to create a culture of world-class safety through visible leadership, clear expectations, streamlined systems and robust risk management.

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People are at the heart of the company and constitute its main assets.


General management departments hold primary responsibility for safety and safety leadership.


Training is a crucial tool for enabling everyone to adopt our safety cultureSafety is at the heart of each stage of a construction project.



Improving the way we work by observing positives and ensuring these are communicated.


Encourage the identification and reporting of hazards so that they can be removed or controlled before they result in an injury.


Increase the awareness of risk and improve the culture of personal responsibility.


Learn from our success to reinforce the positives.


Encourage employee participation in making workplaces safer by offering ideas and suggestions.



We strive to provide the best practice in safety, quality and the environment, with continuous improvement outcomes for all stakeholders.

March Construction are committed to continuous improvement where our policies, systems and procedures, combined with daily consultations in our pre-start meetings allow us to develop a culture of continual improvement each and every day.

Our robust operational management systems have gained third party accreditation for quality, safety and environment in accordance with the AS/NZS ISO9001 (quality), ISO14001 (environmental), and AS 4801 (Health and Safety).

March Construction is also a founding member of the New Zealand federation of piling specialists - an association dedicated to striving to improve the quality and safety standards within the NZ piling industry.

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